Recreation Soccer Team Formation

  • Summer Recreation Teams:
Age/Grade Teams
Pre-K (must be 4 years old on or before May 1st)      Teams formed by Gender
1st-2nd grade
3rd-4th grade
5th-6th grade
7th-9th grade
10th-12th grade Co-Ed Teams. Game are played 8v8.  All teams must have a minimum of 3 players of each gender on the field at all times. 


  • Players are assigned to teams based on the grade they have just completed.
  • ONE play-with request is allowed. Both children should request each other.
  • Play-with requests, school attended and random assignment are used to form teams
  • Please choose your grade carefully during registration - players will be assigned to a team in the grade in which they are registered and moves are not possible.
  • All play-with requests must be from children in the same grade/team grouping. If they involve children in different grades, the child in the lower grade must play at the higher grade level, if approved. We recommend all players to participate in the correct grade. Older children are not allowed to play at a younger age level. 
  • FSC will field teams as defined above. If there are not enough players registered to field a minimum of four teams per age group/gender, FSC will cancel these age groups and refund the registration fee.
  • Please volunteer to coach! If a Volunteer Coach is not available for a team, we may have to disband the team or assign the players to other teams.