5 Mistakes Soccer Parents Make With Their Players

Parents play a critical role in their child’s soccer development, but have you ever really examined whether you’re supporting your player’s development or hindering it? How can you support and encourage your child without getting in the way?

Changing the Game Project

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My 9-Year-Old is a Forward

Great read on why your 9 (or 10/11/12-year old) is NOT a forward and why young players should be put into a variety of positions on the field.

Parent Creed:

  • I recognize that I am an important role model for my child.
  • I understand that FDP is for the players and not adults.
  • I will support my child through positive, constructive, and quiet comment about their play.
  • I will get my child to games and practices on time, properly equipped and prepared to play.
  • I will refrain from sideline coaching.

Game day is an exciting experience for everyone concerned, but it is about the players!

Parents have a simple but important role to play; they should encourage and cheer for their team. Their role is to support - not coach - the players. This needs to be made clear from the start of the season otherwise the children are exposed to too much conflicting, subjective and varied instruction.

Please no pep talks before or after the game. The only words you need to say to your child are “Did you have fun?” and “I love watching you play.” Yes, we want them to listen, work hard and compete - trainers and volunteer coaches will manage this expectation.