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Open Play


INFINITI Open Play opportunities are open to everyone, of all ages and all clubs.  Open Play dates coincide with common calendar dates that players that are free of team and program activities (Holidays, Days off from School & Weekend Blocks of Time).

INFINITI Open Play will include the following activities for each age group:

  • Small sided games (3v3 / 4v4)

  • Larger sided games (6v6 / 7v7)

  • Finishing / Shooting Games

  • Skill Challenges

  • And more

INFINITI Open Play Sessions last 90 minutes and will be fully staffed by INFINITI coaches.  Players will have the choice on what to play and what format to compete in.

Cost is $25 for a 90 session.  Register / Sign up via your Playmetrics Account.  

Don’t have a Playmetrics Account? No worries it is very easy to register - Click Here

Open to ALL (Fusion SC or out of club)

If you have any questions, please reach out to Chad Morse (

INFINITI Soccer & Performance Training

INFINITI OPEN PLAY (Event / Open Play details sent out two weeks prior)

Friday, November 10 Wayzata School District - No School (K-12) OPEN
November 22-26 Thanksgiving Break Event OPENING SOON
December 22-Jan 2 Wayzata Schools - Holiday Break OPENING SOON
Monday, January 15 MLK Observance Day OPENING SOON
Thursday, January 25 Wayzata District - No School (K-5) OPENING SOON
Friday, January 26 Wayzata School District - No School (K-5) OPENING SOON
Thursday, February 15 Wayzata School District - No School (K-5) OPENING SOON
Monday, February 19 Presidents Day Observance OPENING SOON
Friday, March 8 WPS - At Home Flex Learning Day OPENING SOON
Monday, April 8 Wayzata School District - No School (K-5) OPENING SOON