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World Cup "Top Picks" Challenge

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off in France on June 7th. To celebrate, Fusion SC is hosting a World Cup "Top Picks" Challenge for all Fusion teams.

Here's how the "Top Picks" Challenge works:

  1. FSC teams fill out a form, picking their top four teams to advance to the final stages of the tournament. Only one entry can be submitted per team!
  2. Points will be awarded for correct picks. A "Top Picks" Challenge scoreboard will be updated on the Fusion SC website throughout the tournament.
  3. The FSC team that has the most points after the World Cup ends is the winner!

The winning FSC team will get to celebrate with a team pizza party hosted at the Fusion Clubhouse!

Submit your World Cup "Top Picks" by Friday, June 7th!

2019 FIFA World Cup Information

Click HERE to view the list of teams participating in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. 

Click HERE to view the World Cup match schedule. Encourage your FSC team to watch the games and cheer on their "Top Picks" together!

How Your "Top Picks" Entry Will Be Scored

Group Phase:
1 point awarded for each World Cup "Pick" that makes it out of group play. 

Knockout Phase: 

  • 1st round of games: 2 points awarded for each "Pick" that wins their first game. 
  • 2nd round of games: 4 points awarded for each "Pick" that wins their second game. 
  • Semifinals: 8 points awarded for each "Pick" that wins their semifinal game. 
  • Third place Game: 8 points awarded to the "Pick" that wins the third place game. 
  • Final championship game: 16 points awarded for the "Pick" that wins the final championship game. 

Tie-breaker: Total number of goals scored in the final championship game.